August 2021 - Steve Barkley

Podcast for Parents: When Is a Rigorous Program What We Want for Our Students? When Isn’t It?

What signs signal us as parents that the “rigor” level of our child’s program may need an adjustment? What conversations should parents be having with school staff about rigor? How […]

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Podcast: Mindsets to Explore for the Start of School (Part I)

Mindsets influence both conscious and unconscious behaviors we as educators put into practice. In part one of this series, Cory Camp from SIBME Coach Replay joins me to explore how […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Building Students Executive Functioning

Teachers can invest in conscious planning to create opportunities for students to strengthen executive functioning skills. Experienced teacher and teacher educator, Brenda Watkins, outlines the benefits and example strategies for […]

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Coaching and Leading with Relational Energy

I was introduced to the term Relational Energy in a blog by Kim Cameron. “Positive energy elevates individuals, is life-giving and fosters vitality. In nature, the most common source of […]

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Podcast: Compassionate Coaching

Kathy Perret and Kenny McKee join the podcast to share insights from their new book, Compassionate Coaching: How Educators Navigate the Barriers to Professional Growth. “Successful Coaching is a humanistic, […]

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Podcast for Parents: Parenting to Build Greater Independence

Our children build a sense of self-efficacy when they realize that their own actions have produced successful outcomes rather than believing success was generated by my parents’ actions. Over helping […]

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