May 2021 - Steve Barkley

Athletes and Coaches: Learners and Teachers

Throughout my many years studying teaching and learning and the coaching of teachers, I have frequently looked to the performing arts and athletic fields in search of insights. I recently […]

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Podcast: Reframing – Leading from Love Rather Than Fear

We often need to reframe our mindset or the way we define a problem in order to make real progress. In this first part of a series on reframing, Steve […]

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Podcast for Parents: Parents Supporting Play

Author, Kindergarten teacher, dance teacher, and parent, Madeleine Rogin, illustrates the impact of play for wellness and learning. Memories of joyful and meaningful play experiences help bind families together emotionally, […]

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Leadership’s Conscious Focus: Collaboration, Creativity and Culture

Cathy Merrill, a chief executive of Washingtonian Media, provided an opinion piece in the Washington Post titled, As a CEO, I worry about the erosion of office culture with more […]

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Podcast: Questioning Skills in Coaching

Steve explores three areas of questioning to guide coaching conversations: Finding out and Knowing, Reflection, and Exploring Future Actions. Examples used in pre and post conferencing are included. Subscribe to […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Joyful Teaching – What Are Classrooms Like When Joy Is a Priority?

Hear how this teacher’s joyful mindset resulted in a classroom where student learning excelled. Brittany Cabrera describes why “keeping it simple” is a key to joyfulness. Find Brittany on LinkedIn. […]

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