January 2021 - Steve Barkley

Leaders Modeling Professional Learning

I recently had the opportunity to engage in several conversations and to record a podcast with Chad Dumas, the author of Let’s Put the C in PLC: A Practical Guide […]

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Podcast: Collaboration is Critical to PLC’s

Chad Dumas, the author of Let’s Put the C Back in PLC’s, shares strategies for instructional coaches and school leaders to support the effectiveness of PLCs. The conversation includes the […]

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Podcast for Teachers: A Look at Teaching & Learning Through the Eyes of a Teacher and a Parent

Listen in as a teacher and parent share with Steve their experiences with hybrid and virtual learning through both lenses. Hear the importance of their communication to support each other […]

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Increase Student Engagement by Connecting Students with Real People

In an Education Week post, Here Are 3 Top SEL Strategies That Can Help Improve Student Engagement Right Now, guest bloggers Alex Kajitani, Tom Hierck, John Hannigan, and Jessica Djabrayan […]

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Podcast: Challenging Teacher Growth in the Spring Semester

Steve joins Cory Camp on The Coach Replay Show to explore how instructional coaching will be impacted by COVID-19 for the remainder of the school year. They discuss how creating […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Homework and Learning

Dr. Cathy Vatterott, the author of Rethinking Homework and Rethinking Grading provides teachers with research backed elements that increase the likelihood of investments of student time engaged in homework having […]

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