September 2020 - Steve Barkley

Podcast for Teachers: Students and Teachers Learning from Reflection

John Dewey pointed us to an important understanding: “We do not learn from experiences but from reflection on our experiences.” In this podcast, Steve examines how teachers can provide students […]

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I found two articles about patience that caused me to ponder connections. The Harvard Business Review posted Becoming a More Patient Leader by David Sluss and Empowering Parents posted 4 […]

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Podcast: Conferencing to Set the Stage for Coaching Conversations

Creating a conversational tone in coaching conferences helps communicate a peer to peer process that encourages teacher reflection. Open questions are helpful in setting this tone. Steve defines how open […]

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Podcast for Parents: Supporting Your Learners – Being a Coach

Whether your learners are working virtually, in classrooms, or doing both in a hybrid model, your assistance as a learning coach can build more current academic success now and reinforce […]

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Developing and Coaching Teachers’ Professional Growth Plans

This post initially appeared on Jim Knight’s Instructional Coaching site in August 2020. Throughout my career I have always been frustrated by school, district, or state requirements that are supposedly […]

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Beautiful Questions Students Might Ask

The audio version of The Book of Beautiful Questions by Warren Berger is my current companion on my daily walks. Here is what Berger states as to why he wrote […]

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