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Podcast: Differentiating Coaching

In this week’s episode of the Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud podcast, Steve discusses “Differentiating Coaching” with Kathleen O’Flynn (@koflynn18), Virginia Senande (@GSenande), Amy Brown (@MsBliteracylady), and Kelly Stevens (@KellyStevens512), who make up the professional development staff from the Northern Valley school district. Subscribe to the Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud podcast on iTunes or […]

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Facilitating Discussions In Classrooms Using the Fishbowl Strategy

Michael Harris’ blog, The Five Advantages of Teaching with Discussions, provides the following payoffs for educators to increase student engagement in classroom discussions. Students: Explore different perspectives. Assume more ownership of learning. Explore topics deeper. Actively engage. Develop comfort with ambiguity and complexity. Discussions are also critical for students to master college and career ready communication skills […]

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The Work of Instructional Coaches

During a podcast with Jim Knight  and another with Joellen Killion and Cindy Harrison, the topic of how instructional coaches spend their time arose. So, it was interesting to find this article by Britnie Delinger Kane and Brooks Rosenquist, Making the Most of Instructional Coaches, in Kappan April (2018) [pages 21-25]. Kane and Rosenquist conducted a study […]

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