June 2017 - Steve Barkley

Educator Learning for Student Learning

A new report, Effective Teacher Professional Development , from the Learning Policy Institute (June 2017) by Linda Darling-Hammond, Maria E. Hyler, Madelyn Gardner, and Danny Espinoza provides great guidance for leadership […]

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Collaboration Skills

I read with great interest a white paper titled, Skills for Today: What We Know about Teaching and Assessing Collaboration.   As a teacher in the 70’s, I approached many lesson […]

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Being a Warm Demander

How does a teacher communicate caring and expectational beliefs in a way that most positively impacts student achievement? Judith Kleinfeld coined the term warm demanders when describing teachers who most […]

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Why Coaching?

I found a blog post on twitter for #EducoachOC , Australian educators interested in coaching who have a monthly chat. I have interacted with some of the chat regulars from […]

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The Academy for Educators

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