May 2017 - Steve Barkley

Leaders Assessing and Setting Goals

My end of the year facilitation sessions, both live and on Skype, continue to focus around the examination of the gaps that exists between ‘what educators want students to experience and gain’ and ‘what is the current reality’. A blog,  What Should High School Graduates Know And Be Able To Do?, by Tom Vander Ark,  provides […]

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Shame in School

My partner, Michelle, was recently preparing for a parent workshop she was offering around the importance of vulnerability. She used this diagram to outline the interaction among connection, compassion, courage, gratitude, and vulnerability. Michelle and I are often sharing our explorations, findings and questions with each other as we design learning plans for others. This […]

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School Leadership Team Goal- Setting

I recently did a Skype facilitation for a school leadership team to set the stage for their goal-setting for next year. I thought you might be able to use some of the elements in your leadership planning. As a starting point, I suggested they needed a vision of student learning. A plan for continuous student […]

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Engaging Learners

I recently took part in the Bridges Conference in Cape May, New Jersey and attended a session titled Tune in and Turn It Up!  Engaging Students in the Classroom conducted by Sunny Weiland ( and Chris Juhasz ( Sunny and Chris, modelling engagement in the session, shared 20 different strategies to actively involve students and encourage […]

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The Academy for Educators

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