April 2017 - Steve Barkley

Instructional Coaches Assessing Impact

In an Education Week blog, Peter DeWitt states that while “Instructional coaches can help teachers improve their instructional practices in any subject at any time,”  they are  a bit more removed from students and therefore can find it more difficult to know the impact of their work. He identifies the need for all educators today […]

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Future Focus

I read with interest, an announcement  of  Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s new graduation initiative designed to guide post-secondary success for students of all levels by requiring that they develop plans for life after graduation. Starting with current freshmen – the Class of 2020 – students would have a post-secondary plan in hand in order to […]

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Dialogue in Coaching Conferences

In my coaching training and modeling I stress coaches using open questions and paraphrases to create a dialogue in pre-conferences where the teacher is in charge and guiding the direction of the observation and coaching. I stress how these questions differ from evaluation pre-conferences where evaluators are getting information they need to do the evaluation. […]

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Feedback for Students and Teachers

I had a request to facilitate a workshop for principals and instructional coaches examining feedback as an element impacting student learning. I began the session with an exploration of current thinking by having coach and principal share their thoughts in response to these questions: How important do you believe feedback is to student learning? Why? […]

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Soft Skills for Students and Teachers

During the past four years, I have had the opportunity to work with school leadership and teachers in the Bismarck, North Dakota district. A special opportunity has been working with the Career and Technical Academy staff. Recently I was in a discussion concerning their work with Career Ready Skills and realized the connectedness to skills […]

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