February 2017 - Steve Barkley

Scaling Teachers Up or Cutting Them Loose?

I was recently facilitating a conversation with K-5 administrators and instructional coaches regarding the learning experiences they wanted students to be experiencing. At one point, someone said that they would have to “scale teachers up” for this to happen. In a few moments, someone else suggested that it wasn’t about “scaling up” but more about […]

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Teacher Leaders—Middle Leaders

I was asked to facilitate a day-long session of middle leaders for a K12 school. As I gathered information about the participants, I found that they all taught full time with some duty- free periods. The elementary leaders oversaw a curriculum (math, science, etc.) and therefore worked with all the teachers in the school. The […]

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How Mastery Oriented Are Your PLC Conversations?

If we recorded the conversations during your PLCs, how much of the language would be identified as being mastery oriented vs self-limiting? In our classrooms, we would label these student statements as self-limiting: I tell my parents about an assignment late on Sunday, they help me with it a lot more than if I start […]

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Four Tenets for Building a Coaching Culture

*All teachers deserve coaching *Every teacher should have a growth plan and growth necessitates feedback *The stronger a teacher becomes the more coaching they should receive *Teacher leaders are the first to request coaching as they work to build the culture A common concern that I hear from instructional coaches is the question of how […]

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