January 2017 - Steve Barkley

PLCs: From Data to Action

I recently worked with several PLCs looking at how to take data they had regarding student learning and use it to decide, “What do we do now?” This is the truly critical step in functioning as a PLC.  I have too often witnessed time being spent reviewing data from a common assessment only to have […]

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Facilitating Reflection

Reflection can provide a valuable learning experience for individuals and teams. Simon Sinek identifies its value in this short clip. “Reflection turns experience into insight.”                                                         John Maxwell I recently worked in three settings where leaders were exploring their facilitation of reflection as a strategy for increasing learning: Mentors supporting new heads of international schools […]

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Teachers in Two Paradigms

Often, when working with school leaders and teachers implementing changes and innovations in teaching and learning, I describe the difficulty of living with a foot in each of two paradigms with a growing gap between the two. The question is, “Which foot gets picked up when the gap becomes too great?” Do we fall back […]

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The Nature of Learning

At the recent Learning Forward Conference in Vancouver, I had the opportunity to be part of a study group with Rod Allen. Rod was an assistant deputy minister at the Ministry of Education in British Columbia and is now the superintendent in Cowichan Valley, BC. He has led education transformation efforts in B.C., including working […]

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The Academy for Educators

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