December 2016 - Steve Barkley

A Question From an Instructional Coach

In an earlier blog,   I described the importance of coaches knowing a teacher’s agenda…. the beliefs, values, and thinking behind the teacher’s decision making. What are the options the teacher considered in planning for learning? As the lesson unfolded what did the teacher perceive and consider as decisions were made about feedback to students or […]

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Time for Teachers to Coach and Collaborate

While providing a training for teacher leaders on peer coaching the often-repeated statement/question surfaced. “Coaching experiences would be terrific, but how can we ever get the time to do this?” I wasn’t surprised as I have heard that question for over 30 years. Years ago, I wrote an article called Making Time because I discovered […]

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Reframing and Paraphrasing

I recently conducted a workshop for international school teachers examining the skill sets that are important to effective teaching. One area we explored was verbal communication skills, critical to creating the environment and relationships that support learning. We identified and practiced the skills of reframing and paraphrasing. These communication skills are as important to school […]

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