October 2016 - Steve Barkley

A Vision for PLCs

Over the past few weeks I have met with teachers who are new to working in professional learning communities. I find that I need to create a vision of what they are capable of accomplishing, working as a high functioning team. Defining the difference between a PWC (professional working community) and a PLC (earlier blog) […]

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Steve Barkley to Speak at 2016 Teaching Learning Conference

Steve Barkley will present at the 2016 Teaching Learning Conference in Dallas, Texas on Friday, November 4th. Administrators, instructional coaches, and teachers from across the globe will gather at the 2016 Teaching Learning Conference to discuss the essential question: “How can we all work together to achieve our personal best so that we, in turn, […]

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Vulnerability to Build Risk Takers

Over the last several weeks I have been engaged in several conversations regarding  goal setting, innovation and change. In several instances I was struck by a hesitancy to think and act in a different way…… a hesitancy to be vulnerable and take a risk. Leaders in administration and teaching are those who implement a behavior […]

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Planning for Elementary to Middle School Transition

I had the opportunity to spend four days in a school district exploring how a purposeful transition plan between elementary and middle schools could increase student success in middle grades. Many years ago a state department official shared with me that he could look at districts’ testing data and identify the grade level where students […]

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I have begun describing many of the meetings I observe that are labeled PLC as more correctly defined as a PWC….professional working community. This teacher collaborative time is being spent getting work done, tasks completed. This is not a bad thing to do, but it differs from teacher learning as an outcome. Without educator learning […]

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PLCs and Coaching for Teacher and Student Learning

I recently conducted a workshop with teacher leaders exploring their role in facilitating PLCs with their colleagues and the next day, in another school, facilitated teacher leaders exploring their role as peer coaches. The value of combining PLCs and peer coaching was reinforced as I shared in both sessions the connectedness of teacher learning and […]

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