September 2016 - Steve Barkley

Creating Trust for Coaching

Elena Aguilar posted a blog in Education Week Teacher titled, How Transparency Can Build Trust, that provides examples for coaches dealing with ‘less than enthusiastic’ teacher responses to coaching services. As I have […]

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Instructional Coaching and School Improvement Plans

I’ve been facilitating meetings with instructional coaches who are planning the focus of their work for the year in connection to their school’s improvement plan. I begin by having them […]

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Homework/ Home Learning

I have written earlier about the impact of the word “work” in describing the learning activities in which we want students to engage. My thinking was initially triggered by Alfie Kohn’s […]

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Conditions Promoting Innovation

A colleague sent me an article concerning innovation that triggered my thinking about students implementing/experiencing innovation in classrooms and teachers innovating in building ever better learning for students. Daniel Dworkin […]

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