August 2016 - Steve Barkley

Innovation for Teaching and Learning

A project that I currently have underway has me examining the role of innovation for students, teachers, and school leaders. One of the pieces I read was in Education Canada: Bottoms Up….How Innovative Change Starts With Frontline Educators  by Simon Breakspear, the Founder and CEO of Learn Labs. “The purpose of innovation in education is […]

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A Collaborative Continuous Improvement Culture

I spent a day with a middle school staff exploring the need for and strategies to create a continuous improvement culture. I thought the outline of the day with some of the slides we used might be helpful to readers of this blog. We began exploring the concept that there is no conclusion to mastering […]

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Leading With Teams

I just completed two presentations around the topic of Leading with Teams. One was with a high school teacher leadership group where we examined the role and importance of teams from teachers teaching the same course, to departments, to the concept of the whole school functioning as a team. The other was with K12 teacher […]

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Encouraging the Coaching Conversation

Much can be done in the non-verbal postures and the verbal word choices of coaches to promote a coaching environment. What are some things you’d want the environment to communicate? My list includes: Collegial– we are learning together Non- Judgmental– we can disagree with what or how to make improvement, but we all want to […]

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The Academy for Educators

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