May 2016 - Steve Barkley

Principal and Instructional Coach Goal Setting

As this school year comes to a conclusion many school leadership teams will be working on a school improvement plan for the coming year. These improvement plans should serve as a starting point for identifying a principal’s and instructional coach’s goals that will support the plan. Student achievement needs to be the starting point for […]

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Learning Resilience

The International Resilience Project in A guide to promoting resilience in children: strengthening the human spirit by Edith Grotberg reports: “resilience is a universal capacity which allows a person, group or community to prevent, minimize or overcome the damaging effects of adversity.”  and “many children are not resilient and many parents and other care givers do […]

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Instructional Coaching Modules with Steve Barkley

Self-paced Instructional Coaching Modules Steve is excited to introduce five self-paced, fully facilitated 10-hour Instructional Coaching modules available online through the Academy for Educators. For more information on the Instructional Coaching modules, visit the Academy for Educators.

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Nurturing Teachers’ Curiosity

An ASCD Education Update article by Kathy Checkley called Wonder Years* explored how to nurture students’ natural curiosity; “wondering” creating learning. As I pondered Checkley’s thoughts and suggestions for increasing student curiosity to extend student learning, I realized that in many ways the work of instructional leaders is to promote teacher curiosity to generate teacher […]

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Learning: A Social Contract Between Teacher & Student

The following contract was shared with me by Mary Palmer who is an instructional coach at Century High School (CHS) in Bismarck, ND. Mary has been a secondary English teacher for twenty five years at CHS and has also served as a secondary staff developer for the district. The Bismarck district has been implementing a […]

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Teacher Evaluation…Ratings or Learning

Charlotte Danielson’s article in Education Week, Rethinking Teacher Evaluation, caught my attention with this statement: “I’m deeply troubled by the transformation of teaching from a complex profession requiring nuanced judgment to the performance of certain behaviors that can be ticked off on a checklist.”  Danielson identifies that school systems must be able to document for the […]

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