February 2016 - Steve Barkley

Questions and Discussion in PLCs

I’m reading Questions for Classroom Discussion  by Jackie Acree Walsh and Beth Dankert Sattes. The authors report that “questions and discussion work in tandem to move students from passive participants to active meaning makers” and that “these skills support critical thinking and collaborative problem solving.”  Having identified the importance of questioning and discussion, they share […]

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Teacher Leadership and Vulnerability

Nancy Flanagan wrote a blog for Education Week examining a definition for teacher leadership. She included this picture from Twitter which I recall seeing and retweeting. Flanagan connected with the role of great teachers being risk-takers but felt that an administrator stepping into that risk taking role was not very common and that teacher leaders probably […]

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How Do Educational Leaders Respond?

The Georgia Professional Standards Commission released a troubling statistic that 44% of public school teachers in the state leave within the first five years of employment. Seeking to understand, the commission surveyed 53,000 educators with two questions: If you had a student about to graduate from high school, how likely would you be to encourage […]

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Join Steve Barkley in Florence, Italy This Summer

I’m very excited to announce the Florence Summer Institute for International School Educators. This summer, I will be hosting two programs focused on international education from July 4 – 9 in gorgeous Florence, Italy. Please join me and your fellow international educators as we explore instructional coaching and impacting learning. In the first program, International […]

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I had three different experiences this week that connected in my thinking as I continued working with educators examining how Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) impact teacher learning that leads to increased student learning. The first was while listening to Dan Meyer in an interview on Wisconsin Public Radio.   Meyer was describing his views about learning […]

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Announcing the Florence Summer Institute for International School Educators

I’m very excited to announce the Florence Summer Institute for International School Educators. I hope to meet you in Florence this summer for a truly one-of-a-kind opportunity to collaborate with other international educators on instructional coaching and impacting learning. To learn more about the summer institute, click here. Register for the Florence Summer Institute today!

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