January 2016 - Steve Barkley

Exploring Peer Coaching

Barnett Berry, from the Center for Teaching Quality, writing about teacher collaboration in an article in Kappan magazine,* describes teachers’ professional learning in Shanghai where professional learning is more peer-to-peer support than going to external trainings. Berry sites data from various reports that illustrates the missing peer collaboration in many of our schools: # only […]

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Documenting 4C skills

I had a request to facilitate a team of high school teacher leaders and administrators who were exploring the possible implementation of a graduation portfolio or capstone project that would document students’ skills in the 4Cs: collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking. In the same week I received a message from an international contact who […]

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Learning Process

Over the past years I have had an increasing focus on the student behaviors that produce desired learning results. My classroom observations and coaching have become increasingly focused on observing students’ actions in learning. I’ve determined that the teacher’s role is increasingly one of teaching the student “how to learn” the content rather than teaching […]

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Warm Demanders

I was asked to prepare a workshop for building principals that focused on increasing rigor in classroom instruction and learning. In my research I found this statement on a National Association of Secondary School Principal’s (NASSP)blog. “Rigor is more than a specific lesson or instructional strategy. It is deeper than what a student says or […]

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Developing Teachers’ “Skills for Success”

For quite some time I have been engaged in examining the broader skills set that students need to be developing as outcomes from our K-12 education. What makes a student college ready, career ready, and community ready? I have recently reengaged in this exploration as I work with some high schools examining the kind of […]

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