November 2015 - Steve Barkley

Feedback from Coaching

Joellen Killion and Learningforward have produced a great resource for instructional coaches and school leaders. The Feedback Process: Transforming Feedback for Professional Learning   provides ways to examine and improve your practice in supporting continuous teaching improvement. “Feedback is a process that engages the learner in review, analysis, reflection, and planning of future action. When […]

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Resilience in the School

Barbara R. Blackburn posted 3 Strategies for Building Tween Resilience on the MIDDLEWEB (10/28/2015). “Resilience is the ability to effectively handle pressure and to overcome failure. It is a characteristic that many of our struggling students do not demonstrate in the classroom; yet it is one that we can teach. We do this by being […]

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A Culture of Coaching (Part 2)

My previous blog ended with this paragraph: It’s important that principals’ work with instructional coaches to extend the coaching culture in a school. That culture increases the impact that the coach can have in providing feedback and reflection opportunities as well as increasing the coach’s role in being the “coach of coaching.” Anyone working in […]

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A Culture of Coaching (Part 1)

The first book that I wrote about coaching was titled, Quality Teaching in a Culture of Coaching. The title was purposeful as I wanted to communicate that coaching was not merely an isolated activity of observation and feedback, but the way a team of educators “did business.” When a coaching culture is present, teachers use […]

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Announcing Skype Sessions with Steve Barkley

For over 35 years, Steve Barkley has delivered on-site training, coaching, and consulting to thousands of educators around the world. Unfortunately, availability and finances have prevented many others from inviting Steve for a personalized presentation. That’s why Steve is excited to announce that he is extending his availability by offering his services via Skype sessions. […]

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Urgency in Leading, Teaching, and Learning

My recent reading lead to two articles that had me reflect on classroom observations where I was examining teaching and learning. In the August 2015, JSD Learning Forward Journal, Jennifer Hindman, Jan Rozzelle, Rachel Ball and John Fahey wrote about a Principals’ Academy at the College of William and Mary.  The academy is designed to improve instructional […]

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