October 2015 - Steve Barkley

Principals and Coach: Working on Partnership Plans

I was recently requested to facilitate a meeting of coaches and principals from K-12 buildings for the Bismarck Public Schools in North Dakota. Those of you who follow me on Twittter (@stevebarkley) know that I have been working with the district for the last four years. The agenda I was given had the coach/principal pairs explore […]

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Everyone Contributing to the PLC

Here is a question that was submitted to me by an instructional coach requesting my thoughts: When working with teams during planning or PLCs, how do I encourage all teachers to participate?  I find that there are a couple of teachers who are there to plan and learn and the rest of them are closed […]

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Strategically Planning for Teacher Development

As a school leadership team designs a plan for achieving school improvement goals, planning for teacher growth is often a component. Frequently missing from the planning is an assessment to decide “who needs what training and support?” Here is a process that I’ve found helpful. Begin by identifying a classroom where the desired learning and […]

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Questioning and Coaching

As I read the September 2015 ASCD Educational Leadership, which is focused on questioning for learning, I was struck with how many of the issues explored equally connected to coaching work with teachers. A research alert (page 8) cites a study from the journal, Neuron (October 2014), that indicates when a person’s curiosity about a topic […]

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