June 2015 - Steve Barkley

Is Your SLT a PLC?

I recall doing a workshop called Leading with Teams for school heads from international schools. About 90 minutes into the session one of the participants called out, “Oh no, my leadership team is not a team.” After a good round of tension relieving laughter, he shared with the group that he wanted his leaders to […]

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VIDEO: Coaching With Optimism

Steve Barkley ponders “Coaching With Optimism.”

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PLC Reflection and Critical Thinking

As the school year wraps up or as possible summer retreats or fall start-ups happen, PLCs might spend some time in critical thinking conversations that more frequently get pushed aside under the immediate issues of student performance data on the agenda as the school year is underway. Principals, instructional coaches, and teacher leaders should consider […]

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VIDEO: Changes in Teacher Behavior

Steve Barkley ponders “Changes in Teacher Behavior.”

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Peer Coaching and PLCs

Shirley Hord, Learning Forward’s scholar laureate, was recently featured in a blog  titled, “What Is An Authentic Professional Learning Community?” Hord identified six characteristics that indicate an authentic PLC: Structural conditions– Time… place…resources and useable data. Supportive relational conditions– Community members have respect and regard for each other. Shared values and vision– The community’s conversation […]

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VIDEO: A Focus on Learning

This week, Steve ponders “A Focus on Learning.”

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