April 2015 - Steve Barkley

Vertical PLC Conversations

I recently designed facilitation for bringing elementary grade level PLCs into a vertical conversation to examine key student learning behaviors. I believe the process can be repeated in different settings. The principal scheduled a half hour for Kindergarten teachers to meet with grade one teachers. Then Kindergarten teachers left and second grade teachers entered. Thirty […]

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An Opening for Coaching

New instructional coaches or coaches newly assigned to a school seek to find a starting point for building coaching relationships. My guidance is to begin with finding the teacher’s agenda ….changes the teacher wants to make with learners…. and establishing that as a coaching goal. A backwards planning approach can generally be applied here: What […]

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Learning By Choice

I am reading A.J. Juliani’s book, Learning by Choice: 10 Ways Choice and Differentiation Create An Engaged Learning Experience for Every Student.   (Juliani, A.J. (2015-04-01) (Kindle Locations 1708-1709). Press Learn. Kindle Edition. ) Juliani’s work is driven by this belief: We need to let students choose as much of their learning path as possible.  In […]

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Planning for Learning

I recently had the chance to examine a learning task, from a learning goal, connected to a Social Studies standard at 8th grade. Standard: The student understands individuals, issues, and events of the Civil War. Explains the roles played by significant individuals during the Civil War, including Jefferson Davis, Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, […]

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The Academy for Educators

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