February 2015 - Steve Barkley

Creating the Schools We Need: Teachers and Principals Pushing and Supporting Each Other

I often find myself in conversations with teachers, instructional coaches, leadership teams and principals where the discussion of a “problem” rather quickly leads to an acknowledgement of “what needs to […]

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Teaching about Learning…Undoing the Message We Sent

I’ve recently been engaged in several conversations concerning students not approaching learning activities with the necessary mindset to be successful learners. At the elementary level it was about students not […]

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Data…Principal’s and Coach’s Role

Often when working in schools with PLC’s, the topic of data and what to do with it and about it emerges. I frequently find that lots of instructional coaches’ time […]

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Motor Learning/Classroom Learning

Through the Trainugly website I listened to an interview with John Kessel—Director of Sport Development for USA Volleyball.  Kessel focused on what we know about motor skill learning and how […]

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