October 2014 - Steve Barkley

VIDEO: Big Ideas of a PD Plan

This week, Steve Barkley ponders three “big ideas” that a Professional Development plan should focus on.

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Teachers and Leaders as Learners

Will Richardson in an interview with Connected Educators, describes the need for teachers to be “transparent learners” and “master learners.” Richardson suggests that as transparent learners, teachers show examples of […]

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VIDEO: Year-Long PD Plan

This week, Steve Barkley ponders how a year-long Professional Development plan can help school leaders and teachers.

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Growth Mindset: Students, Parents, Teachers, Systems

I recently revisited Carol Dweck’s work with growth and fixed mindsets as I was preparing a presentation for parents at an international school in Portugal. My workshop was dealing with […]

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VIDEO: Relationships for Significant Learning

This week, Steve Barkley ponders how an educational coach can help teachers facilitate the kind of relationships students need for significant learning to happen.

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How Do Principals Plan for the Work of Instructional Coaches?

I was recently asked to answer that question in a 90 minute session for principals. What follows is the direction I took: I opened with a piece that I thought […]

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