August 2014 - Steve Barkley

Three Principles From Sir Ken Robinson

 I am always looking for quick articles, quotes, slides and video that I can use to trigger educator reflection leading to conscious decisions regarding actions one wishes to take. Ken Robinson’s TED talk,  How to Escape Education’s Death Valley,   has been one of those that I’ll share for your consideration and use. In his uncanny […]

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VIDEO: Team Ownership

This week, Steve Barkley ponders how team ownership and accountability lead to greater effectiveness.

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Teaching How to Learn and Succeed

 Often in my presentations with teachers, instructional coaches and leaders, I focus on the belief that our real goal is teaching how to learn our content rather than teaching our content. Instrumental music teachers know they can’t teach you to play the instrument, they can teach you how to learn to play. If the young […]

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Steve Barkley Featured on Sticky Standards Podcast

In July, Steve Barkley was featured on Dayna Richardson’s Sticky Standards podcast. In the episode, titled “Learning Communities: What Do Our Students Want (Need) Us to Learn? A Conversation with Steve Barkley”, Steve discussed the importance of Professional Learning Communities (PLC) for increasing student achievement. You can hear the entire Sticky Standards podcast featuring Steve Barkley […]

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VIDEO: Sharing & Teaming

This week, Steve Barkley ponders the difference between “sharing” and “teaming”.

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Thirty-five years ago when I first began working with PLS 3rd Learning,  founder Joseph Hasenstab frequently challenged educators to consider the impact of classroom studies compared to the impact of extra- curricular activities on students success in life. Joe suggested that classrooms should look more like after school sports and clubs as students learned more “life […]

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