July 2014 - Steve Barkley

VIDEO: Grading in Student Motivation

This week, Steve Barkley ponders the importance of Grading in Student Motivation. “The student needs feedback on the appropriateness of the learning behaviors that they are using.”

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The Coach/Principal Team

I am currently facilitating leadership teams at the central office and building level in several districts. As I researched for this work the critical importance of school based leaders was reinforced. Consider the following statements regarding the principal’s role: On average, a principal accounts for 25 percent of a school’s total impact on student achievement—significant […]

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VIDEO: Teachers as Risk Takers

This week, Steve Barkley ponders Teachers as Risk Takers. “If I’m afraid to fail… I can’t get started on the learning process.”

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Plan Your Opening Wow

My introduction  to Wow! occurred many years ago when reading Tom Peters’ book the Pursuit of Wow. Peters extolled that in the face of ever increasing competition,  businesses needed to create a way to stand out from the crowd; to cause your customers to say Wow! It can be as simple as handing me a hot […]

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VIDEO: Becoming Comfortable w/ Vulnerability

This week, Steve Barkley ponders Becoming Comfortable with Vulnerability. “Instructional coaches assist in building a teacher’s comfort with vulnerability.”

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Plan for More Live Event Learning

I recently read reports on two schools’ live event learning activities that triggered me to revisit this topic and hope that summer might be a great time for some readers to consider pushing additional live events into next year’s planning. Students at Maine East High School in Illinois studied angles, shapes and theorems in geometry […]

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