May 2014 - Steve Barkley

Confirmation Bias

I was introduced to the term confirmation bias in Jim Knight’s recent book, Focus on Teaching: Using Video for High Impact Instruction. Citing Heath and Heath (2013) in the book, Decisive, Jim describes confirmation bias as the habit of developing a quick belief about a situation and then seeking out information that bolsters that belief. “…..When […]

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Data and Confirmation Bias

I wrote another blog that defined confirmation bias and how coaching and videoing can assist a teacher in reflective decision making in a manner that avoids seeking data that only reinforces existing beliefs and negating data that challenges an existing opinion or practice. As I worked with that material I considered that the same problem of confirmation […]

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Technology, Engagement, and Learning

I am at one of those spots in time where several of my experiences and readings are aligning. I continue to be amazed every time that happens, no matter that it often occurs. In the past few weeks I was asked to join a team of teachers, administrators, and coaches who were doing classroom observations […]

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New Instructional Coaches

This week I was asked to join the #educoach chat on Twitter (Wednesdays at 9 pm Central) to be part of a conversation concerning starting out as a new coach. Here is some of the initial thinking as I gathered my thoughts: The tweets are archived here. Establish the definition/roles that you will play as […]

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