April 2014 - Steve Barkley

Vision, Pictures, and Stories

I had several recent opportunities to examine leaders’ roles in creating and communicating a school’s or district’s vision, while facilitating conversations among building level administrators who are examining their instructional leadership role in maximizing student achievement. The Maryland State Department website, School Improvement,  states that: The school principal is key in leading the process of […]

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Perplexity and Learning

Dan Meyer’s blog is one of my favorites to follow. His thinking about learning and teaching math frequently provides concrete examples for my work with focusing on student learning behaviors.  In his recent blog, he links to the video of a keynote address that he delivered at the 2014 Computer-Using Educators annual conference in Palm Springs. In the keynote […]

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Believing and Providing Feedback

I found an interesting blog by Brad Keywell titled,  Make Love and Belief Interchangeable,  that triggered some thinking about teaching and coaching. Keywell describes an experience where he was caused to consider if the belief he had in his children had been communicated to them. He took his usual tucking into bed phrase, “I love […]

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End of Year Goal Setting as Team Building

I have spent several days the last few weeks consulting at school sites with principals and instructional coaches. One of the topics we have discussed was how to engage teachers in collaborating with next school year’s teachers in setting learning goals for advancing students. Much of my work with PLCs includes setting learning goals for […]

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