February 2014 - Steve Barkley

Coaching: Confidentiality vs Anonymity

A conversation arose in a coaching training I was doing regarding a district designing their coaching around the concept of anonymity. The word didn’t hit me well, as I imagined that the reason for someone wanting to be anonymous would be because they believed that “being coached” would be seen as a negative indicator of […]

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Coaching the Beginning Teacher

Here is an email request from a school administrator and an extension of my response to her. Administrator:   “When working with a brand new out of college teacher, what are the three or four questions you would possibly ask to guide them through the beginning crazy period? I want to support her while guiding her […]

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I Can…By

I had the opportunity recently to spend substantial time observing in classrooms and then debriefing with fellow observers what learning and teaching behaviors we saw. My focusing of the observations and facilitation of the debriefing conversations began with a concentration on the student behaviors and experiences that would produce the desired learning outcomes. In several […]

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Teaching and Coaching How to Learn

I sat with a group of school leaders examining and questioning a teaching practice they had promoted (some teachers would say forced) teachers to implement: Posting and sharing learning objectives with students. I listened and joined in the conversation as I have worked with many schools whose walkthrough or observation forms include a similar observation […]

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