December 2013 - Steve Barkley

Building Coaching Conversations

I am working with a group of elementary principals who have begun using a literacy observation form to focus their feedback to teachers on the implementation of instructional strategies that have been part of their professional development efforts. I was asked to assist in their plans for using their observations for coaching teachers. Their observation […]

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Leaders Encouraging and Supporting Change

In the past few weeks I have heard concerns from several school leaders that teachers were “pushing back” on changes that had been implemented. Often I heard the word overwhelmed. I remembered a past blog I had written about how to respond to “overwhelmed” so I found it and forwarded to the leaders. I also […]

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Guidelines for Peer Coaching

I recently worked with a group of teachers who had completed an earlier introduction to peer coaching with me and was now examining and experiencing coaching observations and post conferencing. Two teachers produced video clips of their work with students so that the entire staff could observe my modeling of a post conference. Three teachers […]

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