October 2013 - Steve Barkley

Teaching Students Learning Skills

As I work with school leadership teams and PLC’s establishing plans to reach student learning goals, we often explore what student behaviors are needed for students to learn or master a standard. More and more I believe that identifying the necessary learning skills connected to a desired outcome may be the most challenging part of […]

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Increasing Team Effectiveness

I just completed a retreat weekend with an organization/team that labeled themselves as dysfunctional. I decided I would use a Friday night after dinner presentation to set the stage for a Saturday facilitation where they would examine their current practices and decide on what commitments for change they were willing to make.  I began the […]

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Effort from Interest and an Audience

In the September 2013 issue of Kappan, an article by Bergin, Bergin, Van Dover, and Murphy, Learn More: Show What You Know, explores how a program implemented at an elementary school documented that student effort increased when opportunities to “perform’ were provided. (pages 54-60) The program titled, Above and Beyond, asked students to work on […]

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Identifying School Improvement Goals and Strategies

While working with principals and coaches to develop their plans for the coming year, I identified that very often items that were listed as school improvement goals were really more of what I would call strategies chosen to obtain a goal. The problem was that the goal was often unstated. I suggested  that this a […]

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The Academy for Educators

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