May 2012 - Steve Barkley

The Experience

The experience economy was a term I found this week that was new to me. Searching for more information I found the book, The Experience Economy Updated,  by Pine and […]

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Leadership Team Planning

My reading this week was Viven Stewarts’s book, A World-Class Education: Learning from International Models of Excellence and Innovation.  I found it interesting and would recommend it to you. Stewart […]

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Whats Your Plan for Engagement

After listening to an ASCD podcast featuring an interview with A.Wade Boykin and Pedro Noguera, the authors of Creating the Opportunity to Learn: Moving from Research to Practice to Close the […]

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Discomfort – The Source of Why

A recent article by Lois Brown Easton, The Why, How, and What of Professional  Learning(Tools for Learning Schools, Spring 2012, learningforward) introduced  me to the work of Simon Sinek.  Sinek, […]

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