November 2011 - Steve Barkley

Parents as Coaches

Working with schools inTurkeythis week I had two opportunities to meet with parent groups examining how they support (coach) their children’s school success. The large number of parents who attended […]

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Connecting PLCs Coaching and Teacher Goals

I just finished working with three international schools who were identifying the connections of teachers’ individual professional development goals, coaching, and professional learning communities (PLCs). Here are some of the […]

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Teachers Flipping for New Student Behaviors

You’ve probably seen the YouTube video clips of teachers who have flipped their classrooms or flipped homework. In these examples teachers have recorded their lectures, demonstrations, or explanations for students […]

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Problems with Grading

I had the opportunity while presenting at the Texas ASCD Conference in Austin to attend a session presented by Tom Guskey-Toward More Effective Grading Policies and Practices. (See link for […]

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The Academy for Educators

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