August 2011 - Steve Barkley

Back to School/Open House

I just returned from Turkey having spent time with two schools’ leadership teams and teachers. On my last night’s dinner I was asked by a team of administrators what thoughts I had about having an effective opening of year parent night. Here are some of my thoughts. Administrators from Isikkent School Izmir, Turkey Back to […]

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Leaders and Teachers – Failing the Way to Innovation

Last week’s blog addressed the role of making mistakes as an important component of student learning. Students need to be comfortable knowing that failing is a step on the path to learning and succeeding. Michael Chirichello, from Leadership Matters LLC, commented on the blog about the role of school leaders… “Your discussion on risk taking […]

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Failure…Mistakes and Learning

This week I was working with a group of Arkansas educators examining the impacts of the Common Core Curriculum on their approach to teaching. We explored creativity and critical think skills as elements of desired learning outcomes. From the 21st Century Partnership site, we examined the need for Learning and Innovation skills: “Learning and innovation […]

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Instructional Coaches’ Requests to Principals

I have written earlier blogs about the critical partnership necessary between instructional coaches and principals for effective teacher change that produces increased student achievement. Recently I spent a day with a district wide group of instructional coaches working on the school improvement plans for their buildings. We used a backwards plan beginning with the identification […]

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The Academy for Educators

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