July 2011 - Steve Barkley

A Look at Pre-Service and Student Teaching

How are colleges presenting this to student teachers? That question was raised several times as I worked with newly selected mentors in Rochester, New York. (See previous blog on Rochester’s award winning Career in Teaching program.) Education Week Teacher carried an article by Sarah Henchey titled Student Teaching: More Than a Custody Arrangement. Henchey made […]

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New Instructional Coaches: Getting in the Classroom Door

How do new (and not so new) instructional coaches get into teachers’ classrooms and schedules? That question was posed to me when I recently worked with the 11th cadre of elementary reading coaches at Hillsborough County, Tampa, Florida. The members of this class were completing their year long training program with a summer reading camp […]

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Engaging Students: Teachers’ and Principals’ Work

In last week’s blog I shared ideas from Phillip Schlechty’s book Engaging Students: The Next Level of Working on the Work. Here is some additional thinking as I finished the book. “The primary task of the teacher is not to motivate students. It is to design work they provide to students or encourage students to […]

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Student Engagement

My current reading is Phillip Schlechty’s book EngagingStudents: The Next Level of Working on the Work.I have just finished the first section on engagement. Schlechty defines student responses to a learning task as: (pg 16) Engagement: The student is attentive and focuses on the task with commitment and persistence and finds value and meaning in […]

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Classroom Management/Restitution

I was working in Turkey this week with a K-12 school staff examining teachers’ responses to student misbehaviors which were classified as minor, moderate, or major. (See earlier blog) One of the strategies we examined for moderate behaviors was the use of restitution. Knowing that some teachers and many administrators use summer to re-examine their […]

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