June 2011 - Steve Barkley

Open School with a WOW!

When presenting at the Wow Academy for Pioneer RESA in GA. I met Julia Mashburn (principal) and Page Arnette (assistant principal) at Riverview Elementary School in Dawsonville, Georgia. They shared how they had planned WOWs to establish a school culture.. Here is their story. Riverview Elementary School opened last August (2010). We are located approximately […]

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Observing Students… Assessing Teachers

I am busy preparing for a presentation I will be doing in July at the High Schools That Work Conference in Nashville, TN Here is the workshop descriptor: What can the principal do to make teacher evaluation an opportunity for teacher growth? Teacher observation and evaluation conferences take a large amount of a principal’s leadership […]

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The Work of Instructional Coaches

A district office recently asked me to spend a day with principals and instructional coaches to examine their current coaching practices and establish a new job description and focus for their coaching program. Process: I began by having each coach or coaching pair (elementary schools had two coaches) interviewed by an administrator other than the […]

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Personalized Learning

The New Jersey Department of Education has a pilot program around personalized student learning plans that uses the following definition: “A formalized plan and process that involves students setting learning goals based on personal, academic and career interests, beginning in the middle school grades and continuing throughout high school with the close support of adult […]

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The Academy for Educators

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