April 2011 - Steve Barkley

Coaching and Curriculum Change

“How should coaches support teachers in a time of curriculum change?” That question was posed to me as I worked with principals and coaches in a growing and changing school district. They were in the midst of reading, math, science and writing curriculum changes. My suggestion was to use the backwards planning process to create […]

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Learning Styles: Parents Students Teachers

Staff, students, and parents at IŞIKKENT EĞİTİM KAMPÜSÜ in Izmir ,Turkey completed a study of effort and learning styles. I had the opportunity to spend three days with them. They asked me the following questions as an interview which will appear in their newsletter: 1. At Isikkent, you have spent time with our faculty, parents […]

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Student Effort and Learning Styles

I just finished three days at the ABA IB World School in Muscat, Oman working with students, teachers, and parents examining the topics of student effort and learning style preferences. Students and staff all completed the Kaleidoscope Learning Styles Profile prior to my arrival. In a full day session staff examined strategies that might increase […]

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Measuring my Students’ Engagement

In an Edutopia blog ,Ten Steps to Better Student Engagement, Tristan de Frondeville describes the importance of teachers being conscious of their students’ degree of engagement. He suggests cultivating an engagement meter: “Be acutely aware of when your students are paying strong attention or are deeply engaged in their tasks. Master teachers create an active-learning […]

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