February 2011 - Steve Barkley

The Impact of Grading

I was asked to spend 90 minutes facilitating high school and middle school teachers examining the current classroom, school, and district policies regarding grading. I agreed as long as I […]

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Walk Throughs… Insights and Questions

In the past month I have worked with several schools, conducting classroom walk-throughs with teams of teachers and administrators as well as studying the results of tabulated e-walk data with […]

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What Should Students Do and Experience?

That is the question that I continually use in working with professional learning communities and coaching conferences. Once teachers have identified outcomes or student achievement goals they need to consider […]

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Design and Facilitation for Learning

Teaching teams, coaches, and professional learning communities can enhance student learning by exploring the design of learning activities and the most appropriate facilitation for those activities. I was working with […]

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