January 2011 - Steve Barkley

Designing Coaches’ Work

In this week’s blog I share a request I received from a central office leader responsible for elementary schools and my response to her questions. Hi Stephen, I’m hoping you can provide a bit of feedback regarding a situation we are currently in. Our district has 6 elementary schools. Each one has a full time […]

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Jim Knight’s new book, Unmistakable Impact: A Partnership Approach for Dramatically Improving Instruction is my current airplane companion. I am just part way in and can already recommend it for coaches and teacher and administrator leaders. In addition to sharing his own insights and thinking, Jim provides extensive lists connecting the reader to other authors […]

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Updating the Professional Development Plan

I was asked this week to facilitate school based teams responsible for professional development in a New Jersey school district. The NJ DOE requires each school to submit a professional development plan designed to increase student achievement. Since last year was the first for statewide implementation, schools this year are asked to evaluate current plans […]

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Leaders Planning for Improved Learning

I facilitated a K-5 elementary leadership team’s work this week as they explored school goals to increase student achievement. On the team were the principal, reading, math, and writing coaches, special education coordinator, guidance counselor, and school psychologist. Here is the process and outcomes of the meeting. I hope that it provides a framework that […]

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New Years Resolution for Fun

Many of you who have been in my workshops have worked on identifying the student behaviors that are precursors to gaining the student achievement levels that we seek. Often on the list is some emotional indicator that suggests students are enjoying learning…having fun!Last week I received the following email… Mr. Barkley, I really enjoyed your […]

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The Academy for Educators

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