October 2010 - Steve Barkley

Examining Creativity

I have recently had the opportunity to present and facilitate several sessions with teachers examining the importance of developing students’ creative thinking skills. Here are some of the resources I used and the questions that guided teachers’ conversations and thinking. The Partnership for 21st Century Skills lists the following skill sets to define Creativity and […]

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New Teachers and a Coaching Culture

My post this week was triggered by a question sent to me by an instructional coach. “Several teachers in my school are serving as cooperating teachers for student teachers this semester. Is there a way I can build that into my coaching work?” Here is my response extended: Any situation that has two teachers working […]

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Time for Professional Learning Communities

On a recent visit to the website for Learning Forward, formally National Staff Development Council, I found an article from the Indystar.com website concerning plans that Brownsburg Schools, IN have for creating time for teachers to be engaged in Professional Learning Communities. This short report quoting Dr Jim Snapp, the superintendent, identifies many leadership strategies […]

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Conversation and Facilitation

I had a request this week to provide some support for teachers who were asked to lead their high school colleagues working in curriculum and small learning community PLCs. I only had an hour during planning periods to provide something I hoped would be helpful. Here is the content and the models that I provided: […]

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Getting Students to Grapple

This week I was working with the Professional Association of Georgia Educators conducting day long PD sessions for instructional coaches and principals at three sites around the state. As we worked with the backwards planning process, I provided my frequent phrase that student achievement is caused by what students do-“Teachers don’t cause student achievement…Students cause […]

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The Academy for Educators

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