September 2010 - Steve Barkley

Instructional Coaches and Principals: Planning Backwards

In recent weeks I have had over thirty conferences with principal/coach teams, sometimes including other members of a school leadership team. In some cases meetings were with a coach and […]

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Becoming a Learning Organization: Any Signs of Progress?

My current reading for my airport/plane time is Phil Schlecty’s book, Leading for Learning, How to Transform Schools into Learning Organizations. I am still early in the book. It’s intriguing […]

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Teacher Collaboration

The title of an article in the September 2010 Kappan caught my attention, “Why Don’t Teachers Want to Collaborate? A Leadership Conundrum. David Piercey, an organizational psychologist in the Edmonton […]

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Relationships and Compelling Whys

There is lots of talk about the three R’s… Rigor, Relevance and Relationships. In last week’s blog, I examined the need to consciously build “knowing students” into the initial weeks […]

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