June 2010 - Steve Barkley

Teacher Collaboration for Increased Student Achievement

In my presentations on coaching and PLC’s I often explore the value in teacher collaboration. I propose a need for teachers to make a three year commitment to students:–Spend enough time with teachers who have students the year before you to assist those teachers in preparing students for your program and to know your students […]

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Making Time: Leadership Creativity

The current budget cuts in most districts around the country will pressure leaders to use their creativity and risk taking to maintain and implement professional development best practice. Kathy Fuchs, the superintendent for Jefferson Township, NJ, recently informed me of her district’s approach to this challenge. I’ve invited her to be a guest contributor this […]

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In many of my workshop sessions I have participants work with a backward planning process beginning with defining student achievement and then the student behaviors/effort that are likely to generate that desired achievement. From there we examine teacher behaviors likely to encourage and support the needed student behaviors.Lastly, we examine teacher relationships like professional learning […]

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Setting Expectations for Teacher Growth

Teachers are often reminded that setting expectations for students is critical to maximizing student success. Here is how Emma McDonald presents the importance on the Inspiring Teachers’ website. Setting expectations is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and for our students on the first day of school. Unfortunately, many teachers […]

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