April 2010 - Steve Barkley

What Do We Want Students To Do?

In my work in coaching, professional development, continuous improvement, leadership, change, and technology applications, I am often asking the question,”What do we need students to do?”. The question is driven by my assumption that students, not teachers, create student achievement. Only when the teacher is clear as to what student behaviors are likely to generate […]

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Celebrations for Motivation

How do you use celebration to motivate, provide feedback, and reinforce your desired culture? At Performance Learning Systems, we promote a strategy for teachers called the celebration of perseverance. Whenever students have preserved (worked hard) and succeeded we suggest the teacher throw a party…..a 30-90 second party. A kindergarten teacher does the class back rub…where […]

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Motivation and Purposefulness

Recently, I was invited to work with grade level teams at an elementary school as a follow up to a day of walkthroughs at their school and presentations of my observations to the teachers. Our initial work had focused on engagement. I shared this in an earlier blog labeling engagement as teacher initiated and student […]

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Middle School Recess

This week I received a question that a middle school administrative team is exploring. “Do middle school students need recess?” “Is it harder for them to get back into the academic mode when they return from recess? Would it be more beneficial for students to just have the social time allotted to them while eating […]

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