January 2010 - Steve Barkley

Feedback on Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDP)

In the last blog I responded to reading Advancing Formative Assessment In Every Classroom by Moss and Brookhart and noted the issue of teachers and students flying blind and working in the dark without clear learning goals that can be used to self assess and regulate learning. (pg 9) Reading further highlighted that a similar […]

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Coaching and Assessment for Learning

After observing a high school science class this week for the purpose of modeling a coaching conference, I was wrestling with an approach to my post conference that would have the teacher reflect on the need to increase the percentage of students actively engaged (thinking) with the material.My observations identified some students who were thinking […]

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Observing Learners

I have lead several school faculties through classroom observations where teachers visit each other’s classrooms and spend time observing student learners. The purpose of the observations is to decide if students are doing what they need to do to achieve. The thinking behind the activity is: teachers don’t cause student achievement; students cause student achievement. […]

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Trust and Student Achievement

I have several projects during the first weeks of the year that deal with Professional Learning Communities examining student data and generating ACTION from those conversations that will lead to increased student achievement. These PLC’s need to create trust that will encourage vulnerability and risk taking as teachers look at student learning results and consider […]

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Coaching and Student Achievement

In the December(09)/January(10) issue of Kappan, Jon Saphier and Lucy West describe, “How Coaches Can Maximize Student Learning“. Beyond the title catching my attention as it matches much of the work I am doing with coaches and administrators, I read the article with interest because in 1972 Jon Saphier and I were teachers on the […]

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