November 2009 - Steve Barkley

Revisiting WOW!

During my recent participation at the European Council of International Schools (ECIS), I did a presentation on Wow! Adding Pizzazz to Teaching and Learning and decided I should pass on some of the new examples folks have been sharing with me. A principal at West Long Branch Schools in New Jersey shared the following social […]

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As I have spent a substantial number of days recently observing in K12 classrooms, I’ve looked to identify examples of students engaged in rigorous learning. Oregon’s Small School Initiative website provides the following description of rigor: “When instruction is academically rigorous, students actively explore, research and solve complex problems to develop a deep understanding of […]

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Questions for Life and Bloom’s Taxonomy

When presenting PLS’s work Questions For Life (QFL) (featured in my new book) , I am often asked how QFL compares to Bloom’s Taxonomy. My usual response is that I’ll explain QFL and then let you tell me the comparison. My reason is that QFL doesn’t fit into levels of thinking. QFL presents 11 types […]

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Learning Styles and Coaching

I recently conducted a workshop session for instructional coaches looking at how their personal learning styles influenced their coaching approach. Everyone began by completing the Kaleidoscope Learning Styles Profile for Educators. Coaches identified their range and degree of preference in the areas of sensory preference (kinesthetic, tactual, auditory, visual) perceptual preference (abstract, concrete) and organizational […]

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How do coaches’ and principals’ work with elementary teachers using departmentalized structures? The November/December edition of the Harvard Education Letter titled “Platooning” Instruction: Districts Weigh Pros and Cons of Departmentalizing Elementary Schools examined the practice of elementary teachers departmentalizing. Platooning (or departmentalization) is nothing new. It’s what middle and high schools have been doing for […]

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