October 2009 - Steve Barkley

PLCs Exploring Assessment

As I continue to work with faculties implementing Professional Learning Communities, I have found that giving PLCs some guiding questions can deepen the quality of their early conversations and speed the way to insights and ideas for change.Insights and ideas create an energy and enthusiasm that encourage participation so that the value of time invested […]

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Driving Effort with Pictures of the Future

I am always looking for examples of stories that illustrate the formula that I presented in Tapping Student Effort…Increasing Student Achievement: Effort X Ability focused on a Manageable Task = Success During a recent training in Ohio, I heard about Melanie, a 7th grader who was excited about being chosen to start tuba lessons. As […]

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I have recently spent several days doing observations in teachers’ classrooms in several states. In every instance the observations, often done with other teachers and principals, were focused on student behaviors: “What are students doing?”. The approach we took was to assess if “what the students were doing” was likely to cause the student achievement […]

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Teaching Teams as Professional Learning Communities

I was recently asked to assist a middle school faculty that is using common times to meet as grade level teams and as vertical teams. Students are divided into three grade 6-8 houses and will remain in one house during their middle school career. The administration is anxious for teachers to use meeting time as […]

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The Academy for Educators

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