August 2009 - Steve Barkley

Differentiating Coaching

In the summer 2009 issue of The Journal of the National Staff Development Council, Gary Waddell presents a format for identifying the professional development/coaching needs of teachers.(Who’s That Teacher? Vol.30, No.3 pg 10) Using two skill components: Knowing Your Stuff (content knowledge and instructional practices) and Knowing Your Students, he creates a matrix with four […]

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Wows for Learning

In Wow! Adding Pizzazz to Teaching and Learning, I illustrate the power of teachers creating Wow experiences for their students….things that hook students …sparking their interest and attention to “what is coming next.”The opening of school is a time that Wows can be especially important to create the enthusiasm and emotions for setting the learning […]

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Orientation for Coaching

I had the opportunity to work with two school districts who are implementing new or reorganized instructional coaching positions. In Gallitin, TN (Sumner County Schools), Instructional Coaches will be working in each of the buildings this fall. They will be joining some Title 1 , Reading, and Special Education Coaches who were already supporting teachers. […]

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Opening School: Teachers and Students

August provides a great time to be thinking about the messages educational leaders want to be providing teachers and students as the new year begins. Consider the following thoughts from McCombs and Miller in The School Leader’s Guide to Learner–Centered Education:To develop human potential, we believe it is essential that the students have an opportunity […]

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Mentoring and Coaching Administrators

I recently had the opportunity to provide some training and facilitation for Education Service Center Region XI in Fort Worth, Texas for their Administrator Mentoring Program. An outstanding group of retired administrators have been selected to provide support to: Aspiring Administrators– potential administrators First Year Administrators– who are required to be in an induction program […]

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