June 2009 - Steve Barkley

Getting Engagement: The Job of Principal, Coach, and Teacher

I have recently worked with new instructional coaches in the Salem Keizer School District in OR and with the principals in Sumner County Schools in TN. Salem Keizer will be […]

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Professional Learning Communities and Student Achievement

The real test for the movement to professional learning communities as a school improvement effort is, ”Can we show payoff in student achievement?” In my work with the New Jersey […]

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What Does Satisfactory Mean?… What Does it Tell You

In my last posting I noted that I am reading David Perkin’s, Making Learning Whole. In Chapter 5, Working on the Hard Parts, he examines the role of feedback in […]

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Academic Learning Time

I recently had the opportunity to spend a major portion of a day observing in teachers’ classrooms with their principal and then discussing the observations with her. Late in the […]

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