December 2008 - Steve Barkley

Relational Trust

On my ride to the airport, out to my last round of school consultations for 2008, I listened to a radio interview with Parker Palmer on the role of relational trust. Those of you who have participated in my coaching trainings or my professional learning community workshops know that I speak about the role of […]

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Inquiry for Students Teachers and Administrators

I found a great article, School as Inquiry, by Steven Wolk in the October 2008 issue of Phi Delta Kappan. The article matched some thinking and presenting that I have recently been doing. Wolk uses the terms Transmission Teaching and the Illusion of Learning. He asks, “When students sit at their desk as teachers talk, […]

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International Learning the Small World

I’ve just returned from an international two weeks. I began attending and presenting at the European Council of International Schools. My two day preconference was on coaching and mentoring skills and involved participants from at least 10 different countries and several continents. I also had two breakout sessions dealing with Teacher Collegiality and Student Effort. […]

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