November 2008 - Steve Barkley

Resources for Coaching

I recently read Susan Brookhart’s book, How to Give Effective Feedback to Your Students, published by ASCD (2008). The focus is feedback that comes from a teacher to a student and is based on student work. “It is just-in–time, just-for-me information delivered when and where it can do the most good.” I had recently presented […]

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Live Event Learning and Thinking

This week my learning was prodded and extended by my colleagues… I received the following note from Terri Bianco who is the writer I’ve work with on all the books and many articles I’ve published. Terri and I, in conjunction with Joe Hasenstab, the founder of Performance Learning Systems, are currently working on a new […]

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Multi-Age Groups: American School Barcelona

In a blog posting , May 18,2008, I shared my views on the benefits of multi-age student groupings. While presenting at the Mediterranean Association of Independent Schools Conference in Madrid (MAIS), I had the opportunity to attend a workshop session that reinforced my beliefs and presented a great example of “what can be done.” Susan […]

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I’ve had another one of those weeks where my reading and experiences connected! Readings:First, I read Dennis Sparks writing in Phi Delta Kappa’s Leading through Learning publication, “The Importance of Reframing”. Sparks identifies that people think in terms of frames and metaphors. He then suggest that the framing of “teaching as performing” highlights several important […]

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Optimism and The I Can’t Funeral

In Wow! Adding Pizzazz to Teaching and Learning , I shared the story of Jacquelyn Sweetner Caffey, a remedial reading teacher who conducts last rites for the Late Mr. I Can’t. Her funeral service is designed to get students to reframe their thinking and focus on learning. Recently, I was working with Cluster VII administrators […]

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