October 2008 - Steve Barkley

Assessing Vertical Teams or PLC Success

I received a phone call from a principal this week requesting ideas for how to establish an assessment of the value of vertical team PLCs in her school. It is important to have a plan so that down the road as questions are posed regarding time or staff investment, a school leader has a response. […]

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Fishbone Analysis for PLC’S

I continued my work this week with the Arkansas State Department of Education, providing training for instructional coaches, staff developers, specialist and administrators. Our sessions dealt with leaders’ understanding the change process and practical tools for leading learning community conversations that support continuous improvement. One of the strategies we practiced was fishbone analysis (also called: […]

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Empathy to the Complaining

This week I had a couple of phone calls and requests for “How do I respond when…” that lead me to put in this reminder for coaches, principals, and facilitators to use empathy statements. Often when teachers are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or worried, their responses sound challenging and the coach or leader feels personally attacked. […]

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Failing to Succeed

Part of my presentation last week to the teachers of Aruba involved the formula on effort that is in Tapping Student Effort…Increasing Student Achievement. The formula reads: “Effort times ability focused on a manageable task equals success.” We discussed in Aruba the value of teachers consciously teaching students ”how to effort” (Some of you may […]

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